A Painless and Timely Process

Cutting down and hauling away is only half the battle when it comes to full scale tree removal. The remaining stump needs to come out as well. Large trees that require professional removal nearly always have extensive roots that are impossible to dig out by hand, and so the most common method to making them disappear is to grind the stump and its roots down to below ground level.

When we’re done and the stump is gone, we’ll fill the hole with topsoil and grass seed.
A-Fordable Tree Service has the equipment to make this a painless and timely process. Letting an old stump sit is not only an eyesore, but it’s also a haven for pests, termites and rodents, and can cause extensive trouble for your property in the long run.

You could rent a small grinder and spend your whole weekend slogging away at your stump, or you could have us come grind it away in a fraction of the time. The cost for stump grinding generally depends on the diameter of the stump, among other factors. Call us for a free quote, or better yet, make an appointment and be done with it before the weekend.