For Healthy and Safe Trees

A tree trimming service that properly maintains your trees and shrubs can save you
considerable stress and money in the long run. Regularly trimmed trees will be more healthy
and safe, and will have considerably less debris come down in a storm. There are a variety of
maintenance practices your trees may need, and A-Fordable Tree Services can do them all.

Trimming (or pruning) your trees is the practice of removing dead or dying branches, thereby
increasing exposure to sunlight and reducing wind resistance, and potential debris. Topping
trees is a safety precaution that lowers the overall height of a tree, whereas raising a tree
involves trimming branches lower to the ground. Removing these lower branches will give you more ground clearance and enhance sunlight exposure to turf grass and ground plants.

Regular trimming and pruning of your trees is a sound maintenance plan for your property, and A-Fordable Tree Service can help you ensure the ambience of your property in the present, and avoid larger and more expensive issues in the future. If you’re uneasy when looking at your trees, give us a call today for a free quote and diagnosis.